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Guidelines on how to increase value af studying, from first preparation until exam day


Strategic Review

Strategic Review This post is to assist you in doing a Strategic Review. There are more alternative ways to do a review, however, this process has proven to be useful both when studying as well...


Litterature Review Template

“author” (“year”) General Review:   Core Theory (logical explanation or testable model of interaction):   Core concepts (abstract idea or a mental symbol):   Core framework (structure used to outline, address or solve complex...


Theory Framework Model Argument

Theory In science, a theory is a mathematical or logical explanation, or a testable model of the manner of interaction of a set of natural phenomena, capable of predicting future occurrences or observations of...


Five steps to secure your Exam A grade

Following the below five steps, will assist in alignment of your mind and pen to the expectations of the examining party. You also need to present a clear structure in your answer. At the bottom you will find...


How to pass an MBA Exam – at A level

How to pass an MBA Exam – at A level Prepare your notes in teams Study the case in teams One week (5-6 days) away from the world Question and listen to each other...


How to fail an Exam – for sure

Work alone Repeat your notes in you exam booklet Focus on details rather than the story Be descriptive – do not discuss Use the notes of others Suggest innovative genius solutions Don’t relate to...