Category: Complexity/Turbulence


New 7’s of Competition

Elements of New 7’s of Competition: Stakeholder satisfaction – Customers as most important stakeholder Strategic soothsaying – Continious improvement based on customer needs Speed – Organisational agility and flexibility Surprise – Create competitive advantage...


Symptoms of Decline

Elements of Symptoms of Decline: Decline in: Profitability, dividends, sales, debt, liquidity, market share, Raise of: Manager turnover Lack or delay of: Strategic thinking, Publishing financial results, Problem solving Principle: Ten major symptoms that...


Assessing Environmental Turbulence

Elements of Assessing Environmental Turbulence: Elements of risk and turbulence Principle: Measuring the challenges facing the firm Issues: Market or environment driven strategy determined by turbulence   Applications: Evaluating scale of changeability Source of Assessing...