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Sustainable Value Framework – Building Shareholder Value over Time:

Elements of Sustainable Value Framework : Strategies: Clean Technology, Pollution Prevention, Product Stewardship, Sustainability Vision Internal Drivers: Disruption, Clean Tech, Footprint, Pollution, Consumption, Waste External Drivers: Population, Poverty, Inequity, Civil Society, Transparency, Connectivity Principle: Each...


Simplified Model of Business Relationships

Elements of Simplified Model of Business Relationships: Drivers of business relationships, The nature of Relationships and Outcome of business relationships Principle: Links the past and present behaviours of a business to the future behaviour...


New 7’s of Competition

Elements of New 7’s of Competition: Stakeholder satisfaction – Customers as most important stakeholder Strategic soothsaying – Continious improvement based on customer needs Speed – Organisational agility and flexibility Surprise – Create competitive advantage...