Category: Strategic Financial Analysis


Symptoms of Decline

Elements of Symptoms of Decline: Decline in: Profitability, dividends, sales, debt, liquidity, market share, Raise of: Manager turnover Lack or delay of: Strategic thinking, Publishing financial results, Problem solving Principle: Ten major symptoms that...


Ratio List – Profitability, Working Capital/Liquidity, Financial Structure/Investors Criteria, Corporate ratios

With reference to Pyramid of Ratios Business Ratios and Formulas: A Comprehensive Guide (Wiley Corporate F&A) by Steven M. Bragg [John Wiley & Sons] Price: £65.00 EUR 60,19 EUR 60,70 EUR 64,79 Corporate Performance: A...


Key Issues in Strategic Financial Analytical Techniques

Elements of Key Issues in Strategic Financial Analytical Techniques: Relations in Accounting and Financial economics Principle: Accounting and Financial Economics, the analytical techniques in strategic choice Issues: Linkages between the issues mentioned Applications: Determine appropriate...