Category: Litterature review

Your guide in how to write references, and examples of Litterature Reviews.


Vogel (2006)

Vogel (2006) General Review: Standpoints centred more on the company and its management. Focuses on both potential and cost. Describes and analyses CSR development and transformation resent years and discusses their benefits and limitations...


Werther & Chandler (2006)

Werther & Chandler (2006) General Review:  Core Theory (logical explanation or testable model of interaction): Pxxii Believes that the scope of CSR, “Is a mosaic of issues. Which issues are most important today or...


Reference guide

Reference guide This is a guide in how to present references in you assignment and dissertation papers. Within you final dissertation it is normally expected that you refer to 40 – 50 relevant and...


Frederick (2006)

Frederick (2006) General Review: Historic review of CSR, the development in society and the CSR theory progress that have made CSR what it is today. Core Theory (logical explanation or testable model of interaction):...


Basu & Palazzo (2008)

Basu & Palazzo (2008)   General Review: Highlights the need for further empirical inquiry to analyse CSR in a different way than the general CSR examination of why-what-how. They point at the The authors...